Cultured Noise launches music genre guides

Cultured Noise launches music genre guides

Cultured Noise has launched a series of blogs and micro-blogs to help you navigate through the complex jungle that is music.
This ambitious project covers music of all ages — from the medieval times through to today; it covers many genres and styles from classical to jazz, from folk to country; from early pop to the latest EDM music. The blogs cover main genres — like Rock, Folk, Classical, Jazz etc. — but they also dive into the many, many subgenres. So, for example, our blog on Metal Music contains the subgenres heavy metal, glam metal, thrash metal, black metal, death metal, grunge and metalcore. 
To make your life easy these blogs come in a variety of sizes, and the are clearly labelled. We have full blogs, which really dive into the detail and cover the sub-genres — these come with the label ’10-minute plus read’. Then we have created a whole series of ‘microblogs’, which usually just cover one sub-genre — these are labelled as a ‘1-minute read’.
Each blog comes with a link to a playlist, so you can easily get a sense of what the music of any particular genre sounds like. And the blogs are searchable too, so if you know you want to know about folk music, for example, you can just put ‘folk’ in the search field and — boom! There you go.
Why have we done this?
Because we find that, in talking people who regularly sync music — the music supervisors, the editors, producers and directors — there are many different perceptions of what a genre is. For example, I was once asked to write a cue that was briefed as being ‘classical music’. When I probed a bit deeper it transpired that what was actually wanted was something more akin to 20th century orchestral music, like a cross between Stravinsky and Thomas Newman!
As well as being helpful in defining what a genre is, and giving you several examples in the playlist, we hope you’ll find these guides both informative and fun. Please let us know what you think — you can either leave comments on the blogs or you can r each out to us on our contact page.
Here at Cultured Noise we are music geeks, and we just love getting into the detail of what music is all about. We hope you’ll find the Cultured Noise Music Genre blogs both helpful and entertaining.