Folktronica is one of the more recent folk fusion genres, combining traditional folk elements with more modern electronic influences, such as drum machines and synthesisers. One of the earliest landmark works that proved a massive influence on the world of electronic folk music was Ultramarine’s 1991 album Every Man and Woman is a Star. This album set a precedent for a new sound combining traditional folk themes and instruments, with more edm-inspired mechanical dance beats. Following this release, more artists included synth and drum machine elements, leading to more progressive music styles. This influenced artists with highly eclectic styles such as Björk and Sufjan Stevens. Despite being a relatively nebulous genre, the 2000s generated various innovative folktronica records such as Four Tet’s Pause, Tunng’s Mother’s Daughter and Other Songs and Caribou’s The Milk of Human Kindness. Folktronica can be identified by the use of rhythms and drums beats from hip-hop and electronic dance styles, which are usually created through the use of drum machines and synthesisers. Fused with this will typically be traditional folk instruments such as the acoustic guitar, banjo, fiddle, and piano.

Notable artists:


Four Tet



Sufjan Stevens


Juana Molina

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