Glam Metal

Combining elements of 70s glam rock and heavy metal, this subgenre took off in the 80s. Taking from the influence of major artists such as KISS, Van Halen and Alice Cooper, glam metal borrowed musical elements from classic metal and infused them with rebellious attitude, long hair, make-up, garish outfits and a lifestyle to match. Mötley Crüe headlined a new upsurge of glam metal in Los Angeles, achieving widespread success with Shout at the Devil in 1983 and in the same year Quiet Riot released Metal Health. The music is most similar to hard rock styles with lots of ballads containing softer vocals, as well as anthemic choruses, catchy riffs, and shred guitar solos. The songs cover the more popular themes of ‘Drugs, Sex and Rock and Roll’ and the bands often sing about women.

Notable artists:

Mötley Crüe


Quiet Riot

Twisted Sister

Bon Jovi

Def Leppard

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