Knowledge Hub

At Cultured Noise, we know that commissioning music can be a minefield. What's your point of reference? Where do you start? So, we've created a knowledge hub that explains the nuances of all the music genres.

These articles come in three sizes: micro-read, which is a 1-minute read; mini-read, which takes between 2 to 4 minutes to read; and mega-read, which is a comprehensive guide to a larger subject and will take longer to read. 

Each article comes with a guide to the key artists of each genre and a link to a specially curated playlist for you to get an immediate feel for the style of that genre. We hope you find them useful.

You can search the whole knowledge hub by key words, which will show you only those articles that contain your search terms. To see all articles again, click on Knowledge Hub in the top banner.

At Cultured Noise we can create music in any style or genre. Contact Us to find out more.