Original Scripts for Film, TV and Stage

As well as providing music services to media companies we also develop new properties for film, TV and stage. We currently have one stage musical in pre-production in New York and an animated feature film in development. Three other titles are at the concept/writing stage.

Friday 20th January 1961. On the day JFK is sworn in as US President, a storm breaks over Moord Manor, an imposing English country house. Housekeeper Mrs Constance Dribble prepares to receive guests for a weekend party. There’s just one problem: her employer, the enigmatic Mr Di Sorto, has been delayed and won’t be there to greet his guests. So it falls to Mrs Dribble and Runcible — the haughty butler — to do the honours.

Things go awry after dinner when an intruder is spotted in the garden. Then the Colonel is murdered with a broadsword from the suit of armour in the drawing room. Mrs Dribble calls the police, only to be told that they are stranded — the bridge is down and they are completely cut off. What’s worse, there’s an escaped murderer on the loose! Still — at least the ghosts are happy. Oh, didn’t I mention the ghosts?

Party Time

As the guests board the train for Moord Manor they anticipate the weekend party, but reveal misgivings!

The Big Silver Screen

Regina Lewdley — Reggie to her friends — reveals how she clawed her way from orphanage bully to Hollywood starlet.

In My Perfect, Perfect World

Minnie Major explains to the startled guests how her fixation with murder mystery novels drives her ambition to date a detective.

There Must Be A Way

Doctor Loosely-Stitcham — head over heels in love for the first time in her life — tries to make sense of these strange new feelings.

The Vicar From Hell

The Rt Rev Audley Pious, Bishop of Stepney, refuses to confess his sins — in fact he revels in his murky past as ‘The Vicar from Hell!’

On Top Of The World

Dick wrestles with his conscience as Minnie persuades him that the path to true love may have to take some interesting and unexpected turns!

'Wingin' It!' — animated feature film and stage show

Teenage Nightingale Oscar Smallwing has issues. First, he has vertigo! And any self-respecting Gale wants to soar into the Clearing at the Singfly competition. Then there’s his singing. Every time he tries, instead of the beautiful singing of his flock, some weird vocal gymnastics called R’n’B comes out. And the third — and biggest — problem? He’s fallen in love with Riley Rakewing. When Oscar and Riley are selected for the same ‘Singfly’ contest, he goes into a tailspin. He fails spectacularly and runs away in shame  to the Westwood — home of the fearsome Magpies.

He meets four crazy Magpie brothers — they must be crazy because they like his singing and decide to teach him to fly at ‘Ultraspeed’. Then one day he accidentally discovers there’s an armada of Cuckoos about to invade his wood. And so Oscar becomes the unlikely hero as he sets out to save the Flock and get the Gale. But there are no guarantees — he’s strictly wingin’ it!

Hi An’Away

The Nightingale flock gathers in The Clearing for the monthly ‘Singfly’ contest and, as he watches three teenage Gales soar and sing to the flock, Oscar dreads the possibility of his name being pulled out of the Golden Nest as one of next month’s contestants.

Tell Her That You Love Her

Now living in the Westwood with the four Magpie brothers, Oscar lets slip that he has feelings for Riley Rakewing. The Magpies have a very direct solution to his problem.

Born To Fly

Oscar is amazed at the Magpies’ ability to fly at ‘Ultraspeed’ and asks them how they do it.

Whatever You Do

With Oscar in a deep depression Riley decides it’s time to stop playing hard to get and show him how she really feels about him.

Flying Free

Oscar returns to The Great Wood with his reputation restored and Riley at his side. With the help of Riley and the Magpies, he decides it’s time to teach his flock a new song.

Ivanhoe — The Musical

Will Rotherwood — Harvard graduate, decorated soldier and son of a Senator — has all the credentials to go into the family business: politics. But he just wants to write and spend time with his new love, Rowena. Will has a dark secret — one that his father uses against him. He sends Will away to stand for Congress. As Will boards the train Rowena gives him a book: Ivanhoe, by Sir Walter Scott. Will falls asleep reading the book, and wakes with a start. He is alone in a desolate and eerie new landscape — England in the 12th Century! To get back home, Will has to endure a perilous journey of discovery — about courage; about women and the true meaning of love; about right and wrong. He makes enemies of the Norman Templar knights, Bois Guilbert and De Bracy — both murderous trained killers. 

Guided by Richard the Lionheart, led astray by the jester Wamba and his sidekick, the swineherd Gurth, Will learns how to find his moral compass, his sense of adventure and his appetite for life.

Run As Fast As You Can

King Richard takes Will under his wing and training begins in earnest. Despite setbacks, Will grows stronger and finally matches Richard.

I Didn’t Mean To Love You

Despite her best efforts not to, Rebecca realises she has fallen in love with Will.

Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Pig?

Gurth and Wamba school Will in matters of the heart. Woman are fickle, they claim, and life would be so much easier if they were more like pigs — honest, faithful and true! 

What Feeling Is This?

Bois-Guilbert’s world implodes as he loses all control in his feelings for Rebecca.

When A Boy Becomes A Hero

Now back home, Will makes an impassioned speech as he stands for election. Will’s father — now reconciled with his son — and Rowena sing of the change they have seen in Will.