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We pride ourselves on offering a personal service, and this includes editing or re-arranging any of the tracks you hear on this site. If you find something you like, but it doesn’t quite fit — maybe it’s a few seconds too long, or perhaps you need to lose a few bars in the middle — we are here to help.  So, enjoy the music and please get in touch if you happen to find that ‘almost’ track.

Contemporary Music

Driving beats, music with attitude – sound design meets traditional composition



A tense opening leads to threatening low strings that catapult us into a full-on action cue featuring huge percussion, brass and strings. It’s chase music on steroids.

Duration: 1′:10″


Morning Rise

We were asked to come up with an original track that encapsulated the essence of a summer morning, with all the sleepy optimism of a new day. We came up with a four-note rising motif to capture — quite literally — the feeling of moving upward towards something good, something hopeful.

Duration: 40″



The piece starts with a Chopin piano Mazurka, but after a rhapsodic flourish in the solo piano, the orchestra and choir take over with an insistent repeated refrain that builds to a climax as the piece accelerates.

Duration: 1′:00″


Pulse 3

This gothic piece for strings, percussion loops and solo operatic soprano starts with a worm-like motif in low violins, and from this seed it grows into a gothic horror of monumental proportions.

Duration: 2’51”



Picture ancient Asia as ethnic instruments combine in a theme that grows into a pulsating, epic ride across the open plains.

Duration: 1′:15″


The Three Suns – Part 1

The first of two pieces that explore the fusion between electronic instruments and orchestral scoring. Synths combine with big beats, strings and brass to create a massive soundscape.

Duration: 2″:58″

The Three Suns Part – 2

More sultry and moody than its counterpart, this piece features two guitars playing long sustained lines over a bed of deep strings. Then the piece changes gear, with a female voice singing ethereal phrases as the piece winds down to a close.

Duration: 3′:45″


Tinkling piano and bells spell out the main theme over a bed of ethnic drums before a folk choir add their voices.

Duration: 1′:03″

Vision 1

Hollow, glassy sounds lead us to a piece where loops, pads and a haunting piano combine in an electronic chill-out track.

Duration: 1′:28″

Vision 2

Slow chords morph into a driving pulse before we introduce a simple 2-note theme in this electro-acoustic chill-out track.

Duration: 1′:03″


A cheeky chappie of a piece as a funky drum riff underpins a ‘glad to be alive’ tune played by a bell-whistle. Oh, and watch out for the false ending!

Duration: 1′:00″

World/International Music

Ethnic music with influences from South America to Spain by way of Paris


Paris Flamenco

An overdose of “Joie de Vivre” infects every note of this cue, featuring accordion, guitar and 6-string acoustic bass guitar. It’s based on the style of Piazzola, but given a very French twist in the instrumentation.

Duration: 40″



Astor Paizzola meets Gus Viseur in a Paris street band. Accordion, guitar and tuba form the rhythm section under a lively melody in human whistle and bells, before warm strings complete the musical picture.

Duration: 40″


This high energy cue starts with a funky riff in the rhythm section before male voice and muted trumpet take the main theme.

Duration: 1′:30″

Jazz & Blues

From swinging sixties to contemporary, edgy jazz


Murder by Stealth (band)

A classic swinging rhythm section leads us to a haunting soprano sax solo before the band joins in. After a rush of double tempo swing the key changes, and suddenly we’re in the ‘Hot Club de Paris’ as a violin solo brings us home.

Duration: 1′:25″


After Dark

A late night, cool vibe permeates this extended jazz piece. A sultry flugelhorn takes the main theme while the rhythm section lay down a cool, restrained vibe.

Duration: 5′:45″


After Dark So What

This piece pays homage to the great Miles Davis tune, ‘So What’, but here it features alto sax and rhythm section. It starts with a cool vibe from the rhythm section, after which we hear the main theme; then there is a witty and melodic alto solo before the tune comes back and we head for the ending.

Duration: 3′:15″



Late night, high above the rooftops of the city as the lights glitter all around. This sophisticated Flugelhorn ballad with orchestral accompaniment is the perfect accompaniment.

Duration: 3′:58″

Inspector Clueless

Inspired by the great Henry Mancini and his ‘Pink Panther’ scores, this upbeat cue features alto sax, trombone and vibes.

Duration: 42″


Darkness Rising

A fretless bass and trumpet play a free-form duet based around a simple melody, with electronics adding a moody edge before the tempo picks up into the fade.

Duration: 1′:55″


Tinbone Blues

This lazy, late-night blues features alto sax and trombone before an extended piano solo takes us home.

Duration: 3′:12″

Orchestral Music

Sweeping strings, muscular brass and chattering woodwinds


Star Finder

Three unison trumpets introduce the epic theme of this grandiose fanfare. Answering phrases between trumpets, horns and lower brass are underpinned by strings and percussion in this homage to all things outer space.

Duration: 58″


The Devils Jig

A full orchestra, choir and extra percussion combine in this gothic horror romp. The words are from the Latin for ‘God in the machine, Glory to God, Praise to Christ’. The central section features an operatic soprano melisma over spacey chords in strings before a return to the main theme.

Duration: 1′:45″


The Devils Waltz

A masked ball — all the guests are enjoying themselves. Suddenly a stranger appears, dressed in black. The mood changes. It’s a waltz in the classical/romantic style, but with a twist.

Duration: 2′:18″


The Homecoming

A soldier returns from war; a father returns to his estranged family. Tinged with sadness, yet full of optimism, this orchestral cue covers a range of emotions.

Duration: 2′:05″


The Shadow Warrior

This cue is in two sections: the first a broody, menacing, dark soundscape of low strings, low brass and Cor Anglais solo, before a huge gong launches us into a thunderous chase sequence with horn rips, woodwind flourishes and a menacing theme in horns and trumpets.

Duration: 1′:58″


This emotive elegy for solo trumpet and orchestra takes the opening two notes of ‘The Last Post’ and expands them into a beautiful cue. The perfect underscore for the fallen hero, the piece ends with warm chords in the low brass.

Duration: 1′:58″


Piano Piece No1

This piece starts with solo piano playing a plaintive main theme, which is then picked up by the orchestra. The piece grows in intensity, reaching a full orchestral ‘tutti’ before falling back to the melancholy of the solo piano. The piece is written in the style of the great European tradition of piano/orchestra compositions.

Duration: 3′:36″


Spirit Warrior Full Tilt

Hold on to your hats as we go for a super-speed roller-coaster ride! The piece starts with a rhythmic motif in tuned percussion before the breakneck main theme twists and turns between flutes and violins. Low brass add a muscular presence as the piece hurtles towards its final cadence.

Duration: 1′:00″


A Sense of Foreboding

‘Double Jeapardy’ meets ‘The Usual Suspects’ as a rippling, ominous undercurrent in piano and low strings underpins a sweeping, troubled theme in high strings.

Duration: 1′:15″

Period Music

From 18th Century to 1950’s dance music


Murder by Stealth (Orchestral)

We conjure up 1950’s England, where Miss Marple meets Hercule Poirot in this period murder mystery main theme.

Duration: 1′:15″


A Natura Curiosity

More murder mystery mayhem as we conjure up the perfect theme tune for a period murder mystery.

Duration: 1′:56″


Arsenic Afternoon Tea

This one-minute theme encapsulates the rolling countryside in summer. It’s bright, upbeat and quintessentially English, with a slight melancholy undertone.

Duration: 58″

Dawning on St Mary Mead

The perfect accompaniment as Miss Marple busies about on her bike, solving murders, chasing down unsuspecting criminals and causing chaos on England’s country lanes.

Duration: 1′:35″


Busying About on a Bike

The perfect accompaniment as Miss Marple busies about on her bike, solving murders, chasing down unsuspecting criminals and causing chaos on England’s country lanes.

Duration: 1′:20″