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The Cultured Noise Music Genre Guides

The Cultured Noise Music Genre Guides

In thse blogs we will be discussing the different genres of music, from Classical to Baroque, Grunge Metal to Jazz and every genre in between, including some fairly esoteric subgenres. Our aim is to help you easily navigate the dense jungle of hundreds of finely nuanced musical genres. It doesn’t matter if you have zero musical knowledge, or a masters degree in the subject — we can guarantee you’ll find these guides both useful and illuminating.

With each description of a genre we try to give you a short history of where the genre came from — how one style of music evolves into another — and we’ll give you a technical description of the main musical elements to look out for in the genre.

Then we’ll give you a playlist of a handful of pieces or songs that typify the genre, and — where we have them — we’ll give you links to our own original pieces that mimic this genre. If we don’t have a piece of our own in a particular genre, and you need something very specifically in that genre, just give us a call and we will either help you locate something that fits the bill, or you can commission us to write a tailor-made track in that genre for you.

Along with the history, technical descriptions and playlists we will also give you a steer towards some of the important artists who represent any given genre. Of course, it’s impossible to list everyone, so the suggestions we make are just a starting point.

Our aim is not to deluge you with information, but to give you a thumbnail sketch for each genre — like markers along a route. Then, when you start to connect these markers, you’ll find yourself building a picture of the whole world of music.

We are breaking the blogs down into a variety of sizes, based on the time they take to read. There’s a “10+ minute read” for a more comprehensive overview of a major genre, including its subgenres. Then there’s a “5-minute read” to give you an overview without too much detail. And lastly there are the “1-minute read” micro-blogs which are quick-and-easy reference blogs.

All of them come with a playlist and a list of featured artists.

So, you’ll not only have a lot of fun as you beef up your musical knowledge, but you’ll also learn to differentiate between LA cool and Bebop Jazz; Grunge Metal and Prog Rock; Classic R&B and Contemporary R’n’B; Baroque music and Renaissance music.