Trad Jazz

Just as America was forging ahead with new forms of jazz in the 50s and 60s, the opposite was happening in the UK, where a revival of the 'traditional' New Orleans and Dixieland jazz was in full swing. 

After the second world war jazz bands became smaller, and a return to the line-up of the new Orleans street bands, where a tuba or sousaphone played the bass line and a banjo played the chords, brought with it a return to that style of jazz.

Musicians such as Humphrey Littleton, Chris Barber, Acker Bilk, Terry Lightfoot and George Chisholm, Kenny Ball, Alex Welsh and Roy Williams all enjoyed a successful period, while other musicians such as Lonnie Donegan and Alexis Korner incorporated elements of skiffle, which led directly to the British rhythm and blues music that was the forerunner of pop.

Key Artists

Humphrey Littleton

Chris Barber

Acker Bilk

Terry Lightfoot

George Chisholm 

Kenny Ball

Alex Welsh

Roy Williams

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